Adult Fantasy: ORIGIN COMIC #1!

Death, Destruction, Freedom...It All Starts With Origin Comic #1

Adult Fantasy
Designed by a team of industry veterans from Marvel Entertainment, Cartoon Network, and Adult Swim, Adult Fantasy helps its’ community members (whom we affectionately call “Adults”) develop a world-class character-based universe via decentralized world-building and lore creation.


First Appearance and Origin Story of DEE VOID!!!
Each NFT is a unique ERC-721 with 1/1 generative traits, and is “statically graded”!
WHAT: Burn-To-Claim For All Mint Pass #1 Holders (FREE + gas)
WHAT: Minting Begins for Early Access AllowList ($35 USD - approx)
WHEN: 9pm ET
WHAT: Minting Begins for General Public
WHEN: 9pm ET
Open Edition Sale w/ Limited Edition Airdrops
Mint Multiple Editions & receive airdrop rewards
Mint 3 = Legendary cover A airdropped
(supply cap of 50)
Mint 5 = Legendary cover B airdropped (supply cap of 50)
Mint 10 = Mythic Cover airdropped (supply cap of 25)
Top Buyers will receive 1/1 Original Art Airdrops
1st / 2nd place = Original 1/1 NFT cover art by Avery Butterworth
3rd-14th place = Original 1/1 NFT interior page art by Avery

Introducing Origin Comic #1...

Death, Destruction, Freedom...It All Starts With Origin Comic #1

Inspired by community members who have been invited to attend and participate in our weekly “Lore Games” events, Adult Fantasy Origin Comic #1 features the intolerable Dee-Void and signals the official kickoff of the Adult Fantasy Universe lore. The events that occur in Origin Comic #1 will directly affect future stories, characters, world-building gameplay...and more!

Benefits of Collecting Origin Comic #1

The Origin Comic #1 NFT is the key to unlocking the next phase of Adult Fantasy.

Origin Comic #1 NFT will provide its' holder a wide variety of opportunities within the AF Universe. These opportunities include access to exclusive future releases and drops, as well as entry into upcoming giveaways, rewards, & more. In addition, each collectible Origin Comic #1 NFT will be unique via a randomized “static grade” at the time of mint using our patent pending generative “aging” technology. How rare will your Origin Comic #1 NFT be?
The Adult Fantasy NFT grading process uses the mechanisms of time, perceptible wear & tear, and interactivity to replicate and expand on real-world aging, transformation, degradation, erosion, and other distinguishing factors.

See an example of this technology in use below (from Adult Fantasy Season 1):
Together, these mechanisms, when applied to an NFT or other digital media asset, act as an agent to distinguish otherwise identical works allowing them to be differentiated, authenticated and graded as verifiably unique “one-of-one” pieces.

The wear and tear and distinguishing marks of a real world collectible add a uniqueness and one-of-a-kind feel that adds character and quality to even degraded assets.

NFT grading is randomly determined at mint. We're excited to see what grade you receive!

TIER 1: Burning Mint Pass #1 to Receive Origin Comic #1

Burning Adult Fantasy: Mint Pass #1 will unlock 1 Origin Comic #1.

🔹"Rare" Cover "A" Edition by Avery Butterworth🔹

Multiple Mint Pass #1 may be burned at once and each burned pass will get you 1 Rare Edition cover.

Please note: The "Rare Edition" cover is an open edition, not to exceed the total quantity of Mint Pass #1.

TIER 2: Two Exclusive Variant Covers!

Purchasing one Adult Fantasy: Origin Comic #1 for ~$35 will give you the opportunity to receive one of two additional EXCLUSIVE variant covers:

🔹"Super Rare" Variant Cover "B" Edition by Avery Butterworth🔹
🔹"Epic" Variant Cover Edition by Todd Wahnish🔹

The "Super Rare" and "Epic" Variant Cover Editions are both open editions.

But wait... there's MORE!!!

Purchasing multiple Adult Fantasy: Origin Comics will unlock Tier 3 Special Edition Airdrops!

TIER 3: Buy Multiple Covers - Receive Special Airdrops!!!

Purchasing multiples of Adult Fantasy: Origin Comic #1 will unlock several additional variant covers featuring special cover treatments:

🔹Buy 3
: get Legendary "CHROMIUM" Avery Cover A airdropped - only 50 available🔹
🔹Buy 5:
get Legendary "CHROMIUM" Todd Edition airdropped - only 50 available🔹
🔹Buy 10:
get Mythic "BLACK LIGHT" Todd Edition airdropped - only 25 available🔹

Also... 🔹 one Mythic Edition will be Team signed! 🔹

Note: Each airdrop is determined by the quantity purchased during a single transaction! 

Example 1: If you were to purchase 10 Origin Comics in ONE transaction, you’d receive the Mythic Edition Airdropped

Example 2: If you were to purchase 10 Origin Comics via TWO transactions (5 then 5), you’d get two Legendary Edition B airdropped.

Example 3: If you were to purchase 3 Origin Comics via TWO transactions (1 then 2), you’d get a heartfelt thank you and a thumbs up, but not an airdrop.

Make sense? ;P

All airdrops are first-come first-serve - if a tier is exhausted you’ll receive an airdrop from a lower tier.


TIER 4: HUGE!!!!! Earn Original Art 1/1 Airdrops!!!!!


If you are a top purchaser (sum of all paid mints)
you'll receive the following original NFT art:

🔹1st place (ie. the most purchases) - Winner will receive Avery Butterworth's Cover A "Original Art" - a 1/1 Digital Collectible!🔹
🔹2nd place (ie. the second most purchases) - Winner will receive Avery Butterworth's Cover B "Original Art" - a 1/1 Digital Collectible!🔹
🔹3rd - 14th place - Winners will receive Avery's "Original Interior Art" pages. Each a 1/1 Digital Collectible! (randomly selected)🔹

Original Art 1/1 Special Editions will be airdropped depending on the total amount purchased.

YES, this means that the top 14 purchasers will each receive a 1/1 Original Art Digital Collectible!! It doesn't get much better than this!


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